Talk About it Tuesdays/ The Force #1

Reading this comic brought back memories of Milestone Comics. If I wasn't so hooked on Silver Surfer and later, Spawn, I would've bought more Milestone. I missed out on comic history, but I do recognize the patterns from their style evident in this comic. 

I love the cover art, though. While it's not the best of the BSFS membership, it certainly feels like a mainstream comic. 

If you've never seen the My Way Entertainment fan dub of the Power Rangers, I'm embedding it here, so you can see where I got the joke. 

Why didn't the producers call up the My Way guys before filming that gawd awful reboot movie??? It would've been SOOO much better! 

Well anyway, it's the World Series in the US and the Korean series here in Korea. So there goes much of my productivity, but I'm on the last 2 chapters of SuperPrepared anyway. I can't see myself getting that distracted.

You can't see it from here, but the website update is coming along. I'm fairly happy with the new template, but there's still more to do. At least my name is spelled correctly on the banner now.