Talk About It Tuesdays/ Erotic Space Opera

I have to admit that this was a bit of a first for me. I never read an erotic space opera before. Heck, I don't think I ever heard of one until I saw the title. 

So as I mention in my review, the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal has spread to essentially everywhere and as we learn more, the more disturbing the allegations become. And we're seeing a lot of 'play or don't get paid' situations, where a person has to accept harassment or assault in order to continue working at their job. This story has bits of that and it's hard to get turned on when you know the real implications behind the scenario. You'd figure we as a culture would grow out of this thing by the future of the book, but as you read, you see people barely above water- literally and figuratively. Gender equality takes a backside in this darkly erotic tale.

I mention the Society Moves On trope. If you're curious about other examples of works where the scenes no longer seem OK to read because the world turned after the book was written, I include the link to TV Tropes. Enter if you dare...


Because this was an erotic fiction, I decided to do an erotic voice. A pity the bass wasn't stronger for my voice. I thought there was a clipping issue. But I don't have the sexy baritone of Keith Sweat, or for the matter, Keith Richards.

Completion and Winter Writing Schedule

I've finally finished the manuscript of SuperPrepared! I'm happy with many of the fight scenes, but more work needs to be done to smooth out the character appearances. It might be ready by Christmas if I'm lucky. Gonna start cover shopping soon. 

I'm writing two new stories, probably for Wattpad, but I might be interested in other places. One is a vampire urban fantasy comedy, and the other is a spoof of 50 shades. I couldn't help myself. Gotta talk to the cover guy about these too.

My next big project will be titled The 6th Ship. It's my first Space Opera. It'll be a trilogy, or maybe more as I hash out the plot some more. It's another idea I've had bouncing around in my head that I want to get out.

I'm not gonna live forever, but my stories will. Unless they stink...