Talk About it Tuesdays / SunHawks Vol. 1: Where it Begins

It was only a matter of time before I got to a comic so weird that it would shake the foundations of reality. It's less weird than Saga that's for sure.

Our video guy chose the wrong cover, but I think the original cover was too large for the cover space we made for it. I did not read this one called Home Fires because I think it's the sequel to Where it Begins. It's not clear at the slightest and that's the writer's fault. Nonetheless, I'll probably read the next one much later in the year.

This comics was more focused on a futuristic sport involving genetically enhanced humans. It reminded me of Mutant League, a strange cartoon fron the 90s that was hard to find but so cool. Now there's some 90s nostalgia for you! 

I'm a little ahead of schedule on reading and viewing while on vacation. Who knows- I might even have a 'buffer' again!

If you're a creative with a product due out soon, you should leave a comment below or on the Youtube video with a link to your work, so I can squeeze you into the queue. Yeah I'm in New Zealand right so expect more catch phrases like Ki ora and whatnot.

So far, I've gotten all but one cover done. Even the last SuperPrepared cover is in and titled. Hopefully, during a lull period, I can add them to the site. 

Talk About it Tuesdays / Chessmasters

This week, I reviewed three comics. Hear that, folks? You get three comics for the price of one!


I liked the story though I felt it was simple in some ways and deep in others. Teenagers and youngster will like it more than hardened, bitter folks like me who read Strontium Dog as a kid.

Chessmaster #4 to #6 is up at Comixology, which gives me a chance to evaluate their work again. 

Talk About It Tuesdays / Common Man

My brother filled in for me again in the dubbing department. He never laughs at my jokes.

I really liked the premise of the story. A powerful super and a watcher kept the world safe from crazy weaker supers. No, not the very tall bald guy who can't stop getting involved. But yeah, it's what we think of when we think of the Watcher. I'm still surprised he let Fury shoot him. But now I'm off topic.

I hope the author hasn't given up on this project. If he's still active, I hope he fixes the lettering. I swear it looks like Damm man.