Talk About It Tuesdays / BorderClash

Whoops I wrote about the wrong program. Now I gotta rewrite this description

To really understand the background behind BorderClash, you have to be familiar with Civil War; the Marvel Comic event. If you don't know what it is, I'm including a catch up video made by the ComicsExplained guy I frequently make fun of.

Watch it if you've got 5 and a half hours to spend on Marvel Comics. Yeah, I know, you'd rather clean the gutters...

Talk About it Tuesdays / Returned

Well, my brother hasn't heard back from MST3K so it's safe to assume they won't pick up Returned for season 3 of the Netflix show. 

Although, I don't think they would anyway because Returned is not a bad film. MST3K has a VERY LOW bar (or high) when it comes to quality. Returned just needs some more script work, whereas there's no saving Santa Saves the Martians.

Talk About it Tuesdays / Genesis Magazine Summer 2017

In this week's review, I run through the five published stories in the Summer 2017 issue of Genesis Magazine. Our site uses Genesis a lot. Genesis Magazine, Genesis Radio, Hyundai Genesis, Genesis Auto Body Repair... yeah you get the idea. I'm not saying change the name, though.

Keep it, because we've already built the brand.

The stories in this magazine came out pretty well. They would have been better if Joomag wasn't so buggy. I had a lot of trouble using Joomag to read the stories. It wouldn't change pages when zoomed in and you had to be zoomed in to read stories. Feels more like a photo magazine program than a story magazine. I would consider using a better hoster in the future. 

My favorite story of the bunch was the last one. We humans refused to go quietly into the night and certainly felt up to taking it to the aliens. Take that, Independence Day!