Talk About It Tuesdays / BorderClash

Whoops I wrote about the wrong program. Now I gotta rewrite this description

To really understand the background behind BorderClash, you have to be familiar with Civil War; the Marvel Comic event. If you don't know what it is, I'm including a catch up video made by the ComicsExplained guy I frequently make fun of.

Watch it if you've got 5 and a half hours to spend on Marvel Comics. Yeah, I know, you'd rather clean the gutters...

Talk About it Tuesdays / Returned

Well, my brother hasn't heard back from MST3K so it's safe to assume they won't pick up Returned for season 3 of the Netflix show. 

Although, I don't think they would anyway because Returned is not a bad film. MST3K has a VERY LOW bar (or high) when it comes to quality. Returned just needs some more script work, whereas there's no saving Santa Saves the Martians.