Talk About it Tuesday / Celflux and Winterman

Today we’re talking about two of my favorite member comics. Both artist teams are really busy working on their products (or getting into Twitter feuds) so they don’t update often. I’ve been sitting on these works for a while now in the hopes more comics will be released, but that wasn’t the case. Not to say they aren’t making them, just that they are in-progress.

The Celflux team is working on the series anime (animation) which should be out next year. Possibly later this year. It looks pretty slick. So you know I’m gonna pick it up when it drops.

Geoffrey Thorne has been busy with other comics. Not sure if the recent Twitter feud cost him business or not, so we’ll see if and when he returns to Winterman. I think it got off on a good storyline in today’s video so I certainly hope he returns to it.

Anyway, I’m going on vacation next week, which means I’ve prepped blog posts for the show in advance. Not gonna leave my audience in the lurch!