Talk About it Tuesday / Legends Parallel #3 and Aceblade #4

Got another doubleheader for you this week! 

Finding a good representative cover for this week's issue was hard. There was a LOT of nudity, which is to be expected in an adult comic. But I bet someone complained about the nudity last episode because they went hog-wild this issue. Not sure if it was me. I don't recall saying much about it. The plot becomes more fascinating at least as the main heroes put their lives on the line to find a way to the Gorgon's Gate and find allies on other Earths. And why are there so many naked people? Are these alt-Earths in the middle of a hot summer? Air conditioners broke? Never invented freon? I'm a pretty hot guy *joke sting* but I wouldn't be walking around naked in a building without getting chilly. 

Not sure if we'll see a #4 since the kickstarter failed. But there's a possiblity. You'll have to stay tuned.  

This week, I'm gearing up for another long vacation in July and Aug. So I'm trying to get all the videos made before July.  

Also, I got a new story up at Wattpad. It's called Star Trek: Colony. It's a DBZ and Star Trek mashup of sorts. Check it out if you like sci-fi shonen fighting anime.