Talk About Tuesday / Queen of the Kola Nuts and Silent Stories

Some of the BSFS members made interesting arthouse genre films. I decided to take a look

For Kola Nuts, I didn't give it a score since I felt it was unnecessary. An explanation seemed appropriate since the themes were hard to understand without some background. Rather, I feel like it should be part of a display about Kwanzaa or Afro-American art. I would have it running on a loop in an art gallery. Seeing Kwanzaa film art was a first for me and I give props to the studio for doing it.

I reviewed the first film in the Silent Stories series since I felt it was indicative of where Director Fernandez wanted to take the gnre. I wasn't expecting background sounds. Silent is supposed to be silent, and you rely on added effects or orchestral accompaniment. But he likes to bend genres so it became a no-talkie instead. 

I haven't seen New Jack City since the 90s. I'm pretty sure Wesley Snipes was wearing a suit. He pretty much always does in every movie he's in, except Blade, the Expendables, and To Wong Fu. Anyway I'm rambling. Point is that's still a dapper suit. He was ready to appear in Boardwalk. 

I've been mildy sick all month and boy does it show in today's recording. I think it came out pretty well regardless but I flubbed a few words. Next week should sound a bit better.