Talk About it Tuesdsay / Lumberjax #1

A hero of the hood is the focus of this week's episode. Instead of a hipster wearing flannel, Lumberjax rocks a more appropriate attire for a hot city like New Orleans. Don't understand the name, though. It's not like he cuts down any trees. It seems more like a metaphor, since he fights a crooked police department and local thugs. The main villain of the next story arc enters at the end of the comics, giving a reverse contrast for the character. This new villain is more of a Malcolm X type, willing to take revenge for the failure of the jury. 

I see potential in the storyline, but I haven't seen any signs of a sequel. Maybe that will change in a few months, but it's a Quick production. Everything runs slow. (booo) Oh come on! This joke never gets old!

In the meantime, I used some prototype graphics in this epiosode. I might hire professional assistance to get the intro and closing exactly the way I want it. But I don't think it's too terrible. Just needs a little work.