Talk About it Tuesday / The Interview

I made the graphic for the show. I couldn't help myself for two reasons. #1 conflict sells tickets. #2 He said before he was a "Japanese Negro Lesbian trapped in a Man's body". So....Sheeva? Best I could do from the MK fighter pool. 


Episode link is here. After the first hour, we talked about the top 10 shows. Here is an abbreviated list. You can listen to the program if you want details as to why I chose the way I did. 

Top 10 list

  1. The Land: Founding. It literally started a genre. The land series

  2. The Heaviness of Knowing and The Peril of Knowing

  3. Chronocar

  4. Winterman vol 1 and 2

  5. Runaways

  6. Katharos the shattered world/Urban Shogun Vol 1 and 2. 

  7. Mostly Human (really good covers, decent plot, interesting conclusion)

  8. Body Jumpers

  9. If by Chance (Christian fantasy that doesn’t suck)

  10. In the Days of Dread (Not Dredd)

Bonus/Almost made the cut

  1. Genesis Magazine summer 2017

  2. Vacuum Draft Flows

  3. Swarzoic

  4. Black Comix Returns

  5. Deadman chronicles

  6. Returned/Keloid