Talk about it Tuesday / Chronocar

This episode is probably my favorite dubbing session ever. I always wanted to do the double voice trick, but didn't have any works that would fit the style. This book gave me the opportunity to bust out the new Audacity filters and I am thankful for the author for that.  

That said, i had a bit of trouble understanding the use of the butterfly effect. I think I got what the characters were trying to surmise, but it came off as a bit too Flashpoint Paradox  than it should have. The earlier time traveler should not have altered the timeline enough to result in the JFK assassination which he had nothing to do with. Also, if the universal timeline changes, wouldn't it snap back once the triggering event of a time traveler be removed from the future timeline?  

To quote Chief Miles O'Brien (star trek DS9): I hate temporal physics. 

I love this book though. I think you will, too.

Updates: I'll post another chapter of The Bite Cleaner this week. I'm also writing the explosive (literally) season finale this week. Who lives/who dies? Who would put honeycomb up their junk? Seriously why is that a thing??? I don't even...