Talk About it Tuesday / Vaccuum Draft Flows

What would happen if society lost its damn mind and strapped nuclear engines on the back of floating race cars? Basically you'd get today's novel, a far future pod racing novel set in an Abu Dubai stand-in. 

Just describing the book made me laugh at the intentional absurdity of the racing scenes. I like books that make me laugh though I'm not sure that was the author's intention. But how else could you look at a scene where a rocket racer flies out of the vaccuum track and into a building, wrecking it, hundreds of fans dying terribly, and the race continues? At least NASCAR has yellow caution flags.

I liked the depiction of the city through the eyes of the saboteur team. Basically, think of the city as one of Daunte's inferno rings. Really difficult to live in, unless you're rich.  

The author might make a sequel. I'm assuming he will because he left behind so many sequel hooks that even a novice fisherman can catch a fish. It's another book I look forward to reading, provided the readership increases. 

Next up should be Legend of the Orange Scepter by M. Haynes. Probably, maybe. Possibly.