Talk About It Tuesdays / Shroud of Shadows

In this week's episode, I struggle to say a title because nobody uses accent marks anymore. No, you don't have to make it easy for me. You can sit back and watch me struggle to say the title for 3 minutes while you giggle like a sugared up schoolboy. 


It wasn't a perfect story by any stretch of the imagination. But it did improve as I went through it and the infodumps stopped. It's the kind of book for people who like long infodumps before the meat of the story starts. I'm not changing my score, though. 

George R. R. Martin does things like this all the time and his fans eat it up like oatmeal at breakfast. Or maybe they're skipping ahead to the incest scenes. Really hard to tell with that group.  

If you wanted a characterization of this story, I'd use "War on Terror in space" and a living example of the theory of blowback. Blowback refers to a situation in which you (modern ex: A nation-state) do something militarily active (ex: take out a terrorist leader in a drone strike) then get attacked years later by someone who benefitted from the action (the replacement terrorist leader) or survived the action but wasn't your target (a victim of the drone strike becoming a terrorist). 

While I wasn't fond of this book, I noticed there were two sequels. Let's see if Mr. Crawley got better, shall we? If not, I'll certainly let you know, every Tuesday. 

Speaking of the show, I've finished a month's worth of shows, and got enough reviews for another month. It's great being so far ahead, because it gives me time for delays and road trips. You should see the queue; it's 3 pages thick. To be fair, half of the first page is aired reviews so I'm just rounding up in size.  

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