Talk About it Tuesday / Sword of the Free

I’ve been a fan of Kickstarter comics for the past few years. I keep finding great gems amongst the many works there.

But this is the crown jewel, a comic so good it beats practically everything to come out of industry comics. The artwork is amazing, clear, and appears great on paper and small screen. The story time skips only once and provides a good historical backgrounder if you were not familiar with the Portuguese trading empire. About the only drawback is that it’s not an all-ages book. It’s definitely in the mature teen and up section.

I want more and I wanna throw money at the team until the paint out another one! I haven’t felt that way about comics since I was a kid! OK, Winterman and Katharos and Aceblade also excited me, but not as much as SOTF does.

I wonder if Niobe, Scorpio, and Heroes International will be as good? They’re next in the queue but boy do they have a high bar to cross.