Talk About it Tuesday / Dawn by Alex Fernandez

I think I've been covering Halloween for a while. Makes me wonder if I should have shifted some products around in the queue. Well, I got to this one around Halloween anyway so it's the timing that counts.  

Alex Fernandez produced Body Jumpers and the reboot which is what I am referring to in the review. He did a decent job filming in the night, but I think he should've used some (more) studio lights to make it easier to see. What's the point of stylish scenes and clothes if you can't see much of it?  

Anyway, like his other series, he seems to have won an award or two for Dawn. Again, I wonder what the competition was like. But then again, he's able to produce decent shows on a budget which is something Sci-Fy struggles with. 

Speaking of which, would this make a good show for Scify? Maybe... Gives me an idea...

How about a Fernandez Friday on SciFy? Body Jumpers, Dawn, and Silent stories from 8:00 to 10:00? Oh wait, it's SciFy. They'll find some way to f*** the goat. 

Jeeze, this took a while to post. Apparently I didn’t copy the entire link? Not quite sure what happened this morning.