Talk About It Tuesday / Aceblade

Aceblade is an ongoing comic book with a Kickstarter that I donated to. While I’m waiting for the November release, I decided to look at the comics I currently got from him.

Superheroes in Vegas is certainly something I haven’t seen in a long time. The last one was… Grey Hulk in the 80s, I think. It was before he became Smart Hulk or dudebro hulk (he was a mix of both). Anyway, the plot was easy to follow and had the requisite twists and turns any opening saga should have. I wish the art was better, though. It lacked consistency.

I originally was going to talk about Chessmasters 4-6 but 6 never got published and Insane Comics is gone now, so that plan is out of the water. Nonetheless, I’m happy Mr. Quick’s project got on my list instead.

In the meantime, Halloween is coming up. I’m planning on a double header. I’ve got two horror stories I want to cover that day, one I finished reading and one I’m reading now. The one I’m reading now is a collection of short horror stories by a group of Black Women. I find the stories fascinating for the most part. A few would make a good segment for Tales from the Crypt.