Talk About it Tuesday / Champion by D.S. Brown.

Champion is an Atlanta based superhero who fights to save the universe from tyranny! 

If you were a teenage boy with two choices: die in a car fire, or fight for the universe with superpowers, which one would you choose? The super-powers, of course. Whether or not you'd choose to protect Cobb County is another story. If I were the hero, I would write it off as "Forget it, jake. It's Chinatown." like the old 1970s movie.  

Fun fact: The CNN show United Shades of America profiled San Francisco's Chinatown recently. It'a a much better place than in the past. So don't forget Chinatown.  

Anyway, I see a bright future in the character and the author and am hopeful the sequel (if there is one) continues with the character arc he set up. The character seems a bit too idealized, but at least he's not in Marty Stu range.  

On some of the message boards, the author put up art of his character battling Thanos. Without the glove, I think Champion takes it. Read the book and see what you think.