Behind schedule

I've fallen a bit behind in most of my writing due to various things going on, mostly computer related. But I do have some updates.

1) My review show is starting this Tuesday on the Black Science Fiction Society Youtube page! I'll be posting links to the show once the first episode goes up. I'm trying to not be hyper critical like Ed Lover, but his show is/was so funny! With September here, I have to start reading material again. I'll be reviewing Keloid Episode One and Two this week. You can watch it with me on Youtube.

2) I've been thinking about writing an editorial about Charlottesville in VA and the North Korea crisis. I'll probably post it here before shipping it to newspapers. I try to not talk politics on my writing page, but you the reader might find it interesting. 

3) I've got a good start on getting my NaNoWriMo project ready for November, so this week I'll do more setup and then leave it alone until November.

As always, loyal readers and listeners, feel free to tell me what I'm doing right or wrong. I don't mind the advice.