ComicCon Seoul!

So this year marks the first time ComicCon, the US comics convention, came to Seoul, South Korea. The good Korea (Pyeongyang is the bad one). 

"So, who was there, how was it, did you get any good pics?" you're probably wondering.

Lots of shows, not much for the English language viewer. Many of the exhibitors spoke a bit of English, and few were working on English Language projects.

I even got a part time job offer! DynaComics is looking for English writers to transcribe their partner comics. Their Korean translators will change your transcription into Korean language so readers can read it in a special Android/IOS app. I see potential for BSFS comic artists to get their comics in another audience. Swing by or email if you're interested.

Also , I saw the infamous Dark Tower exhibit. I won a ticket in their shooting game. BUT...they had one of their exhibitors in blackface. Honestly, I thought it was orange-face because it was too orange. 


Lots of beautiful cosplay- and a lack of groping! I didn't hear or see any groping. Also, the costumes were put together well. Most of the cosplayers used sturdy costumes after the infamous ComicWorld brawl in Busan City when Link fought Tracer and Captain America because they damaged his costume somehow.

 Even the kids got into it

And the 501st Legion paid a visit.

If you're into Cosplay, two Cosplay experts from Russia showed up to talk about how they make their stylish and amazing costumes. I took a few videos of their explanation.

I saw quite a few black Cosplayers. A Storm, a Black Panther, a Brock, few others. Everybody gets into the spirit of "adult costume day". LOL

Steven Yeun was the main guest along with a famous Marvel artist. Mikkelson I think. I didn't spend the extra money to see them. Not really my thing. He got amazing crowd support.

There wasn't much in the way of food, but there was Shwarma, the mideastern food eaten at the end of Avengers. Mine was cold. Was it supposed to be cold? But no matter. COEX has a large food court and many upscale places to eat, so why bother selling food?

Saw some VR activities. You'll be seeing more of those in the future.

My drone piloting could use some work. It flew out of the tent and attacked random people walking by. 

Everybody was pretty excited to be there. It was packed but it wasn't an elbow grinder like the other ComicCons are.

Would I go again? Sure! 

These overseas events are a lot of fun! If you're patient and want to learn artistic things, they can be useful as well.