Fifth Audio Review

This week I finished Fear: The Dead Man Chronicles book 1 and got the review uploaded as well. 

This will be my last review for awhile until I get word from the Boss regarding where he wants these things. For now, I'm happy to post them here. 

Squarespace has added some more templates, which is good because I'm not the fondest of the Harris template, and I'd like to change it up before November. 

Also, to wind up the book, I'd like to ask you the reader, before I close out the comments, what you would do if your wife was kidnapped by a weirdo crime boss. Would you don a superhero outfit, or call the corrupt police, or gather up your buddies and storm the building in a shootout similar to Wild West, broad daylight face to face without a vest? Would you follow the crime boss' orders? Stab him in back when he turns it? Or leave your wife there and move to the Philippines?