Next Project

I have started working on the next book of the Darfur 3 Saga, Super Prepared. I'm a bit stoked, but I've only banged out the major event outline so far. There's a lot of ideas running through my head that I don't want to forget about. Therefore, I'll be taking a lot of notes. 

My next side project is book reviews. The Black Science Fiction Society wants me to record short audio reviews of books and materials made by members for the Genesis Science Fiction radio show on Talkshoe. I'll be reviewing Murder on the Eros Star this month. This is a short story available on Amazon. After that, I'll work on a longer story.

My Rimworld story series is going well. My Wind & Rain story hasn't been going as well. I'm a little disappointed, but I'll do an ad campaign for it when it finishes. 

A friend of mine has posted a new story on Wattpad. It's called The Company of Thieves, and it's kind of a steampunk fantasy. You can read it here