Slow market and interesting job news

I haven't gotten much in the way of sales of Cobalt Princess, so I'll probably do another ad campaign next week. Nonetheless, I am under the 1 million sales section, and when it first came out it was ranked 485 thousand something. I feel like I'm not doing well, but I don't feel like I'm doing terribly, either. The mere fact that I have two self-published books feels awesome to me. 

I may set up a print copy soon with Createspace and the new Amazon site. I'll post some descriptions about it.

In an unrelated topic, a member of a travel group posted a link to a massive remote jobs list. Fiverr was on there, of course. There were other sites as well that I had not heard of. So, in case you are looking for work-at-home or stuff like that, I'm leaving the link below.

Our Big List of 58 Digital Nomad Job Sites