Rimworld: Diary of a pirate boss.

After my successful Rimworld story on Wattpad called The Hero We Deserved, I set up a poll on the forums for the game to decide the next storyline. Everyone died in the first one because Rimworld. There's an old saying about the game- the only safe place on a Rimworld is off it.

There was a tie between The New Oregon Trail and Diary of a Pirate Boss. I decided to go with the pirate boss storyline in diary format because I've never written diary style before and I really wanted Caravan Tales to win. 

Either way, it is my last Rimworld story for a long time- unless I get 5000 reads or something. 

The pirate boss storyline will be a war comedy story as a guy essentially forms a pirate base out of a rather large group of spaceship crash survivors. This is my genre of choice these days, until I finish SuperPrepared- or at least the outline, anyway.