Progress updates

Main book is at the editor and the cover is in progress. I feel good about this project so far. 

Over the weekend and through today, I got almost all of the setup work done for my winter series. I've got another 2 covers in the works for The Bite Cleaner and I downloaded a potential cover for 70 Shades of Rage. Sometime soon, I need to get cracking on the other project cover. 

Primary writing for these project will start after X-mas. I need to think about deployment sites. Some alternatives to Wattpad have appeared and I may want to host on there. 

I'll have more details about this next week as I consider and consolidate my options.

Talk about it Tuesdays is done for the year, I think. I'll be picking it up again next year with Chessmasters #1-3 and S.Y.P.H.E.N, which I will start reading this week. 

Busy times for me!