Work schedule for the Winter

It's cold and I don't want to run around outside unless absolutely necessary! But, I can't just stay home and play XCOM 2 and Rimworld all day! I've got books that need to be written! 

Unlike certain authors who will remain nameless *cough RR Martin* I want to make my writing goals. I hope you the reader will 'keep me honest' and make sure I'm still on task (with angry messages). 

  • Monday- Blogging and site updates, other writing projects
  • Tuesday- Rimworld story updates (update 1/3: I finished writing the story!)
  • Wednesday- Cobalt Princess [editing]
  • Thursday- Darfur 3 character profiles/Short stories for magazines
  • Friday- Darfur 3 Wind & Rain stories [short story series]
  • Weekends- whatever I missed out on. 

I also have my next novel series reasonably planned out. I'll drop hints about it after Cobalt Princess goes on sale (March).