Inspiration from unlikely sources

Last weekend, a poster hanging from a wall caught my eye. It was very minimalist. The key part was the photo of the flying acrobats. 

Yup, gotta check this out. Martial arts and gymnastics and people flying around? It's like I'm 10 and Wrestlemania has come to town!

So my wife and I went to the show and saw the whole 'extravaganza'. While I was disappointed with the amount of flying (only one rope), the rest of the play was amazing. I wish I took pictures! 

The basic plot is that a ddeokkaebi (goblin) is hassling troops at this base in 600AD South Korea. After a hilarious fight montage with zombies and special effects, a portal forms and the combatants get sucked into the portal and fall into 2016 Silla High School.

More hijinks result as the students help the commander catch the goblin, then make the goblin, commander, and zombie join their cheerleading team.

So watching this and laughing my ass off, it gave me ideas for a few stories I could tell/pilfer from the general concept.

1) Action story: Goblin runs around a modern air base, hassling troops, steals a fighter and gets shot down in a ridiculous dogfight. I think Sci-fy will run it.

2) Horror story: Students get involved with the mafia. They owe the mafia money. Police won't help them. They find an old book and summon goblins/demons/interdimensional horrors and sicc them on the mob. TNT might take it.

3) Superhero story: A hero and villain fight all over town. One of the zombified mooks is separated from the rest and a lonely woman falls in love with it. Hilarity ensues. She fights off the hero when she sees the zombie mook running around town with/after the woman. 

As you can tell, I take what I see around me and craft hilarious stories from the misinterpretations! It's kind of my 'bag'!