My ears are hot

That's quite a title for a first blog post. I'm sure there are some scientific reasons for why ears are burning. But for now, I'm going to assume it's because I got my first book in the Premium Catalog at Smashwords, plus my first sale! Celebratory dancing time!

I just stubbed my toe on my desk. owwwww

While my toe throbs in inglorious pain, I'll let you in on today's working updates. 

1) The Hero We Deserve will load chapter 3 and chapter 4 tonight. I thought for sure I loaded all the chapters, but Wattpad is glitchy sometimes. We regret the error. I finished chapter 5 earlier today and will have it in the spool later. 

2) I plan on editing The Cobalt Princess in December, and I should have the first draft ready for editing in a week. This is a spin-in novel to Super Humanity.

3) I got some social media stuff to do this week to promote the book. It'll be tremoudous (sic) bigly (sic) me!

4) I've commissioned some more logos to be done for the Darfur 3 series groups. Fivver is a good place for artists for this sort of thing. I'll be going back to DeviantArt for my next cover. I hope my first cover artist is available. I'll ask her again this winter.